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About us

We are team of AI enthusiasts and game developers that loves football. As a young team we see what today sports entartainment miss and how it should look like. We are dedicated to deliver new way sport fan can experience football game.

What we do

Our system allowes to transform signal form multiple ultraspeed high grade digital cameras to 3D mesh using Machine Vision.

Gamelike entertainment

Our system allows spectator to watch football game from any point of field in real time.

Telemetry information

Trainers can access to AI based telemetry information during match. We can track players performance

VAR, Goal-Line and more…

Solution we build allowes high frequencey telemetry tracking. This helps judges in dispute situation assessment


May 19

We are recruiting!

We are preparing intensively to start a new amazing multidisciplinary R&D project

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May 16

Will the computer see better than a human?

Together with us – our colleagues from CIŚ and Warsaw University of Technology have been working on this question for several months.

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Clients say

We're incredibly happy with the results. The workshops were hugely beneficial. We highly recommend working with SVT.